"Amid the constellation of personal finance apps available today, ughMoney is probably the least intimidating spending tracker I've used. Easy setup, simple breakdown of needs/wants, weekly summaries, and a friendly interface."
— Andrew from New York
"ughMoney lifts me up when I spend less money, and doesn't let me ignore when I've spent too much. The colours and emojis make it fun and vibrant (not boring and monotonous like other financial tracker apps), and I'm really pleased with the customer support!"
— Chuck from Atlanta
"I love the ability to categorize things myself, and see all my expenses firsthand. More than any bank app, and it's very user friendly. It makes major financial decisions a lot less intimidating when you have all of that information explained in such a well organized way."
— Caitlyn from Boston

People get blamed for overspending, but it's deeper than that.

You are constantly encouraged to spend.
The more, the better.

This is good for business, but bad for people.
Half of America lives paycheck-to-paycheck. Most couldn't come up with $500.

They get away with it because you have no way to manage your spending.
How can you control something you aren't even tracking? It's like trying to drive the speed limit without a speedometer.

Spending less can have great impact.
For some, it means saving up more. But for many others, it means working fewer hours in a gig economy. For many more, it means climbing out of debt rather than further down.

So we built a speedometer for your finances.
You know how to make the right decisions — like when to go out and when to eat in — you just need data to inform those choices.

We're not the first financial management app. But we are the first focused on spending & income. They're more important than all the bells and whistles.